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The Clinical Investigations Department (CID) is committed to the advancement of scholarly activity that is operationally relevant to both our Command and Community. While there are many types of human subjects’ research active here at Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune (NMCCL), our emphasis is on research supporting the warfighter, from investigating protective gear, to physical fitness and resiliency, to evaluating and treating symptoms of PTSD and TBI. 


CID staff advise, educate and support researchers with the most up-to-date regulatory guidance, policy interpretation, protocol development, statistical expertise, scientific writing support, funding/grant searches, and IRB processes.
CID can provide one-on-one consultation sessions to develop a plan from study development and initiation, to final publication, and all steps in between.

Interested in Participating in a Study?

Interested in participating in a study going on at NMCCL? If yes, please reach out to our group email for more information and consider these important ethical considerations:

  • Voluntariness or mitigation of outside influence on the subject’s decision to participate.
  • Informed consent provides the subjects with all information about the study before they agree to participate.
  • Risks to subjects should be minimized by sound research design.

Additional Information

For additional information contact our research department via email or visit these links for research regulations and helpful guidance.

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