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Patients and visitors over the age of 2 must wear a face mask at all times in NMCCL facilities.

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Medical Research Corner

Are you interested in finding out about medical research going on at Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune (NMCCL)? If yes, check out the following information for details about medical research at NMCCL.
  • Before it can even start, every medical research project at NMCCL is approved for scientific merit and must meet the strictest standards for human subjects' protection.
  • All research is voluntary! If you are active duty military, you may not be “Voluntold” or ordered or coerced to participate in ANY medical research study.
  • Before you may participate, you must have everything fully explained to your complete satisfaction and understanding, including any risks, benefits, tests, and how the results will be reported.
  • If you sign up to participate and change your mind, you may withdraw at any time, but you should notify the investigator to make sure there is no harm to you. Your decision to participate or not will have no bearing on you receiving your regular medical care. For more information about becoming a research volunteer, click HERE to contact a research representative.

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