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Our Commitment To You

When you or someone you love has an emergency, we are here for you. We are skilled emergency professionals who are understanding and compassionate.


  • The Emergency Department (ED) is located on the second floor of the Medical Center. The entrance to the ED is found at the top of the stairs that begin at the flag pole, before entering the Quarterdeck. 
  • In order to provide a safe environment for patients and for staff, all individuals coming to the Emergency Department will pass through a metal detector before entering the department.
  • There may be extended wait times through the summer months while we wait for our deployed physicians and providers to return home. We are working hard to minimize wait times and see you in a timely manner!
  • If you are seeking medical advice, please call the National Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-TRICARE, option 1.
  • ED Staff cannot give medical advice or wait times over the phone.

What should I do in an Emergency?

Call 911 or immediately go to the nearest emergency department if:
  • You believe that an illness or injury is life threatening, or you believe that an illness or injury is life threatening, or
  • If you experience any of the Emergency Symptoms below:
    • Bleeding that won’t stop.
    • Vomiting or coughing blood, or passing black stools.
    • Severe pain in the chest, upper abdomen or down the arm.
    • Heart stops beating or pulse is very faint.
    • Difficult breathing or the presence of blue lips, face or nail beds.
    • Severe headache such as with nausea, vomiting, fever or dizziness.
    • Injuries from trauma such as from a fall or auto accident.
    • Suicidal or homicidal feelings.
    • Extensive burns, especially where skin is white or charred.
    • Eye injuries such as from acids or other strong solutions.
    • Seizures or convulsion that does not stop.
    • Suspected poisoning.
    • Numbness or paralysis on a part of the body.
    • Fever of 103 degrees F or higher.
    • Consciousness is altered or affected.

If you use a civilian emergency room, notify your Primary Care Manager.

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