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Intrepid Spirit Center Camp Lejeune

The Intrepid Spirit Center at Camp Lejeune provides holistic, patient-centered interdisciplinary traumatic brain injury (TBI) and brain health care, research, and education for Department of Defense beneficiaries.

It officially opened its doors on October 2, 2013, and is a proud Member Site of the Defense Intrepid Network for TBI and Brain Health (Intrepid Network). 

The ISC Camp Lejeune team works with the service member and their family to develop a treatment plan to return the service member to the highest possible level of function in their work, home, family and community.

How to Make an Appointment

Patients may obtain a referral from their Primary Care Manager (PCM) to initiate treatment at ISC Camp Lejeune.  Your provider can contact the ISC at 910-449-1100/1101 if they have questions about the referral process. 

Clinical Programs

ISC Camp Lejeune provides TBI and brain health care to Department of Defense beneficiaries utilizing the Intrepid Network’s holistic, patient-centered interdisciplinary model of care. This includes: traditional rehabilitation, medical, neurological, and behavioral health services combined with integrative health interventions and skills-based training.
Critical to this model is a co-located team at each site which expedites diagnostic evaluations and delivers a collaborative individualized treatment plan.

Clinical programs offered by ISC Camp Lejeune include:
  • Community-Based Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs
    The ISC Camp Lejeune provides integrated, multi-and inter-disciplinary care for service members who have experienced concussive events, either through a 5 week, full-time intensive outpatient program or a less intensive 12 week outpatient program. The team works together with the service member, his/her family, and his/her command to develop a treatment plan to return the service member to the highest level of function at work, home, and within the community. Our clinical team utilizes an interdisciplinary team approach to help each patient by equipping them with the information, knowledge, and skills necessary to manage TBI symptoms.
  • Pain Management Clinic
    Pain management providers include physicians, mid-level providers, registered nurses, clinical pharmacists, and technicians who evaluate and treat patients experiencing pain issues. They create a multimodal treatment plan that may include integrative treatment modalities and interventional medicine.

Clinical Services

Clinical services and specialties provided by ISC Camp Lejeune include:
  • Behavioral Health Services
    • Psychology
    • Social Work
    • Psychiatry
    • Pastoral Care
    • Family and Marriage
    • Neuropsychology
  • Medical Services
    • Neurology
    • Primary Care
  • Rehabilitation Services
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Speech-Language Pathology
    • Pain Management
  • Integrative Health Services
    • Creative Arts Therapies (Art and Music Therapy)
    • Equine-Assisted Interventions (provided by community partnership)
  • Clinical Support Services
    • Nursing
    • Case Management
    • Medical Support
    • TBI Educational Services
    • TBI Portal for Clinical Care Management


ISC Camp Lejeune provides a multitude of patient and family education, staff education, and graduate education/experiential learning opportunities. It also maintains strong relationships with Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) institutions including:

  • Serving as practicum site for the following training programs: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatry, Social Work, and Family Medicine.
  • Primary training site for auricular acupuncture and chemodenervation for headache management (e.g., Botox, Xeomin) for the medical providers in the region


ISC Camp Lejeune has a multitude of publications and presentations. These research capabilities help to sharpen understanding of the effects of TBI and associated health conditions and to support the implementation of promising research findings into clinical practice.

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7:30 a.m.- 4 p.m.


Building 180
180 Hospital Corps Blvd
Camp Lejeune, NC 28547
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