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As a Department of Defense and Navy Medicine mandated program, Deployment Health Center (DHC) Camp Lejeune supports Line Commanders and their medical assets/components with medical screening to identify any emerging medical or mental health concerns due to deployment, via provision of individual and/or unit-based Deployment Health Assessments and/or ANAM Screenings, and requisite referral services.

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Pre-Deployment ANAM

The Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics (ANAM) is a Neurocognitive Assessment Tool (NCAT) developed for the military.  ANAM is a proven computer-based cognitive assessment tool designed to detect the speed and accuracy of attention, memory, and thinking ability. It records every Service Member’s performance through responses provided on a computer. ANAM testing is conducted prior to deployment and can be used to identify and monitor changes in function before and after an injury. It does not diagnose any medical condition.
The results of the ANAM test may help healthcare staff compare a Service Member’s speed and accuracy of attention, memory, and thinking ability before and after an injury.
ANAM testing is covered in MARADMIN 633-08.

ANAM testing is done on a walk-in basis Monday–Friday from 7a.m.–2p.m. in Bldg 15, Holcomb Blvd.
You may also schedule ANAM testing by calling 910-451-4340 / 3128

For additional information on ANAM or brain injury, please contact the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) at 1-800-870-9244.

Deployment Health Assessments

Physical and psychological health screening to be completed within the following timeframes:
Pre-DHA: within 120 days of deployment departure date
Post-DHA: within 30 days either side of deployment return date
PDHRA: between 90-180 days (3-6 months) after returning from deployment (must be completed even if it has been more than 180 days since returning from deployment; need for completion does not expire)
DMHA4:  completed with PHA's
DMHA5: completed with PHA's
You can complete the online self assessments at the following web site:
To schedule a Unit DHA, please contact the Deployment Health Center at 910-449-9106.

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