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It is the mission of the NMCCL Health Promotion and Wellness Department to empower patients to choose healthy behaviors and reduce their risk of chronic disease through health education and preventative wellness programs. Our services include:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle
  • Tobacco cessation–We can offer cessation medication to assist your cessation journey!
  • Maternal health including Lamaze, early pregnancy education, infant care class, and health pregnancy education
  • Nutrition education
  • Stress Management
  • Sleep Management
  • Chronic disease prevention
  • Prediabetes education and prevention
  • Heart health and hypertension education

Through our programming, we aim to support our patients in increasing control in their own health.
Our classes are FREE to all active duty personnel and their family members, retirees, and DOD employees. Registration is required for all classes.
Need more information, or ready to register? Call us at 910-451-3712 (Option #1)

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  • Ship Shape: 4-session class provides education on healthy eating, stress management, physical activity, and behavior modification techniques. Taught by a Certified Health Education Specialist. Designed for ALL adults – both active duty and civilians—who are overweight or interested in weight-loss or weight-maintenance.
  • Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Change Program:  A lifestyle coach, specially trained to teach the CDC approved curriculum, will meet you where you are to support and help you learn healthy new skills to reverse Prediabetes and prevent Type 2 Diabetes. You will be empowered to set and meet weekly healthy goals.
  • Healthy Cooking Class: You will walk away from this class with knowledge of how to improve your health and optimize your budget by planning menus ahead of time. The best meal prepping and batch cooking tips to help you create healthy meals and snacks to support your busy week. We will cook in front of you AND provide you with free samples!
  • Recharge Class: This class encompasses weighted and body weight exercises to gain muscle mass, while achieving cardiovascular endurance. This class targets all muscle groups by engaging in dynamic and isometric movements. It is designed to promote strength, cardiovascular endurance, lean muscle growth, and excess fat loss. All exercise is catered to your level of fitness for maximum results!
  • Stress Management Class: A course designed to make you aware of stress and how it can impact his/her quality of life. It will provide methods for identifying stressors and strategies to effectively manage them. You will be able to construct a personalized lifestyle management program incorporating coping strategies and relaxation techniques to decrease the impact of stress on one's body, mind, spirit and emotions.
  • Sleep Hygiene Program: You will engage in a study of sleep systems, sleep disorders, sleep hygiene techniques, study both medical and holistic treatments, practice and eventually teach movement, breathing, customized sleep plans, and meditation modalities to support healthy sleep.
  • Heart Health: Our heart health classes focus on learning about the different conditions that affect your heart and vessels in your body, as well as different strategies on preventing or managing your conditions.
  • Tobacco Free Living/Tobacco Cessation Classes: Individual sessions provide information on the hazards of smoking, smoking dependency, and what triggers smoking. We'll offer suggestions on different strategies to help reduce smoking and your dependency, how to quit and what can be done to achieve this goal and sustain it.
  • Early Pregnancy Education Classes: This class covers all kinds of issues surrounding childbirth including breathing techniques, pain management, vaginal birth, and cesarean birth. They can help prepare you for many aspects of becoming a parent: the changes that pregnancy brings, and labor and delivery.
  • Infant Care Class: These classes are designed to provide comprehensive information on topics such as diapering, bathing, feeding, sleeping, and soothing techniques. You can learn about newborn behaviors, developmental milestones, and what to expect during the early weeks and months of your baby's life.
  • Lamaze: In Lamaze classes, participants learn how to cope with labor through breathing, relaxation, and comfort techniques. Attendees also learn about the process of labor and birth, interventions and medication, and the postpartum period.
  • Breastfeeding Education Class: The goals of breastfeeding education are to increase mothers' knowledge and skills, help them view breastfeeding as normal, and help them develop positive attitudes toward breastfeeding.
  • Gestational Diabetes Class: A class that focuses on the diagnosis and disease state, nutrition and physical activity, monitoring and medications, and also management throughout pregnancy and beyond.

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910-451-3712 (Phone)
910-451-7593 (Fax)


7 a.m.–3:30 p.m. 
4 Post Lane, Camp Lejeune, NC, 28547
Across the street from the base theater


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