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News | April 5, 2021

NMCCL's Corpsman receives recognition for her impact in the fight against COVID

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought numerous challenges to our community, but with our AMAZING team here at NMCCL, we have worked hard to overcome these challenges!

Recently, Hospital Corpsman Denisse Estrada Suarez was recognized for her commitment to our patients while serving at the Wallace Creek COVID-19 Vaccine Site.

HN Estrada Suarez noticed a challenge among Spanish-speakers who were attempting to fill out the medical questionnaire necessary for screening prior to receiving their COVID-19 vaccines.
She used her bilingual skillset to translate the medical questionnaire and overcame language barriers that would have prevented some recipients from receiving the vaccine.

HN Estrada Suarez’s actions demonstrated her commitment to providing quality care to our patients and illustrated the impact individual sailors have in our nation’s fight to end the global
pandemic. For her ingenuity and support, HN Estrada Suarez was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal by NMCCL's Director and Commander CAPT Reginald Ewing.
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