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News | April 11, 2024

Research symposium brings together minds dedicated to advancing military medicine

By Riley Eversull

Medical professionals gathered April 11, 2024, on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune for the Annual Research Symposium.

The symposium is hosted by Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune (NMCCL) to showcase research across a broad spectrum of medical and non-medical personnel such as corpsmen, nurses, medical students, residents, and more.
In its 14th year, the success of the symposium has not diminished. NMCCL Research Program Specialist Chemely Walker has been coordinating the event for the past seven years.

“The symposium has grown exponentially in the past four years,” said Walker. “The symposiums mission is to advance military medicine by highlighting research efforts within the military and local surrounding civilian community. Researchers ultimately hope to better medicine for the warfighter and their family.”

This year, 58 entries were presented, 11 podium presentations and 47 poster presentations. Entries were submitted from both Department of Defense (DoD) and non-DoD institutions, with non-DoD entities making up the majority.

There were 38 entries from non-DoD institutions including the University of North Carolina Wilmington, Fayetteville State University, Campbell University, Florida International University, and Cape Fear Community College.

“The event often provides an opportunity for researchers to lay the foundation for new and upcoming collaborative efforts and protocols,” Walker said. “Research presented at the event may be near completion, in publication phases, or the event may fuel efforts for future and ongoing efforts.”

NMCCL Commander and Director, Captain Kevin Brown, kicked off the event by honoring the valuable work of the medical researchers present.

“What you’re doing is fundamental to our nation’s defense,” said Brown. “Your work is bigger than just research; you are honing skills that sharpen your ability to lead others, and we need leaders in our organization who can take charge of uncertain circumstances.”

Awards were presented for the following categories:
  • Case Report Poster Presentation-  Lt. Corey McKenzie, Lt. Rachel Crispell, Lt. Brandon Laffoon, Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune
  • Literature Review Poster Presentation- Lt. Seth Schilhabel, Lt. Cmdr. Michael McQueen, Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune
  • Quality Improvement/Practice Improvement Poster Presentation- Lt. Adam Haley, Navy.
  • Clinical Research Poster Presentation- Lauren Robbins, UNCW.
  • Quality Improvement/Practice Improvement Podium Presentation- Lt. Morgan Fuller, Navy; Lt. Jane Shelley, Navy; Lt. Fernando Rios, Navy.
  • Clinical Research Podium Presentation- Dr. Jennifer McCall, PhD; Ms. Kathryn T. Sausman; Mr. Ralph N. Mead, UNCW.
Guest speaker remarks were given by Navy Lt. Cmdr. J. Michael Van Gent, chief of the Defense Committee on Trauma. The event was held in partnership with The Geneva Foundation and the Henry J. Foundation.
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